What is a Me Year?

It is when you say enough is enough. When you decide that for once your dreams are going to scream louder than your bills. When you stop making excuses and start doing. When instead of letting things hold you back you use them to push you forward. When failures happen because you tried not because you gave up. When you decide that the sacrifice it’s going to take is worth what you want. And when you realize that dreams come true not because you wished them true but because you made them happen. That is a Me Year. It’s not about being selfish or saying it’s all about me. It’s about saying that TODAY and EVERYDAY this year I am going to the necessary steps to make my dream come true, to have a better life, to give back not hold back, to be a better person, and to finish the year in VICTORY.

THIS is a year where I am different at the end not because of what I let happen but because of what I made happen. This is my Me Year.

About Me

004June Neely is an avid writer, reader, filmmaker, scrapbook maker, and cheesecake lover extraordinaire.

She enjoys creating stories and bringing them to the screen. She is also passionate about helping people find their own passion in life and making creative opportunities.

This blog is currently updated every Thursday! Be sure to check back for more great articles or follow the blog to make sure you are always updated!

You can also follow me on Twitter @girlproducer.

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