Four Great Sites for Entrepreneurs


There are quite a few entrepreneur sites out there with tons of helpful information about building your business or client list. Here are a few of them that I frequent:

1.Tuts +

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Tuts+ is a website catered to entrepreneurs and freelancers with chock full of information like tutorials, videos, articles, jobs, and courses. The site is broken down into different sections like business, crafts, music, and game development.

I get weekly email blasts from the business side of Tuts+ and they are always full of information. And weirdly enough the timing of the article is always right. For instance I could be thinking about staying more productive then bam! Here’s and article called How to Start Every Day with a Productive Mindset.

Tuts+ is part of the Envato websites and was previously known as Freelancer Switch. They only recently revamped their site so take a look and check back for continued updates.

2. Springwise

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Springwise is amazing not just because of its helpful articles but because its continued promotion of cool start-ups and inventions. On there you’ll find a jewelry maker who hires blind people, a cloud service that allows graphic designers to rent fonts, and a pen that vibrates when you make a mistake. So many cool things they have on there from all over the world. This is another that I get weekly in my email and I love to see what’s being invented next.

This is also a great platform for would be investors. Looking for a cool startup to invest in and make a difference in the world? Check out this site. You can also submit your own company to be featured on their site.

3. Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneur is mostly known for the magazine it puts out but it also has a lot of great articles and resources within its site. Also if you don’t want to spring for the magazine you can read some of their articles on the site and even sign up for their newsletter. One of the main things that I like about them is their app E Startups. It is specifically targeted to starting a business.

4. Microlancer

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This is another blog that came out of the revamping of Freelance Switch. This is Mircrolancer which is geared towards designers and developers. It features new talent all the time and gives you ideas for projects and client needs. Their main site also offers services so that you can find a reliable person to get the graphic side of your business done.

Know of any other amazing sites that are great for entrepreneurs, let me know!

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5 Ways to get Inspiration


Even when I am not writing or working on a project I try to keep the creative juices flowing so that I can be open to ideas whenever they come to me. Which really can be in some of the strangest places. It’s amazing how many different ideas I get when I drive the same stretch of road everyday to work. The road and the path never changes yet something different happens causing me to think differently.

Here are a five things I do to keep those creative juices flowing.

1. Surf the net

This may sound a little counterintuitive considering that you are always told that surfing the net is a time waster, however if you do it with a sense of purpose that will change things. A lot of times I hop onto my computer to check my email, Facebook, and the like. But while I am doing that I am also keeping open to ideas whether it is through someone’s status, a funny meme, or a news report. I never know what is going to capture my attention and turn into a great idea.

2. Read everything

By this I truly mean everything. If you are in a doctor’s office waiting room read every sign, every plaque, every word on every surface. Everything. What’s really fun is reading it really fast in your head. It almost starts to make a weird sentence and then you piece things together that usually wouldn’t have fit.

3. Daydream

By this I don’t mean thinking about a beach vacation while you are stuck in a miserable winter state. Although fun, it’s not very productive. Daydream instead about where you see yourself in the future or if you are writing a story where you see your character going next. A lot of times before I write a story I will daydream it out first knowing how it is going to end and even go off on tangents that may not get written. But by doing this I’ve developed the story or the idea even further.

4. People watch/Observe

Did you know Walt Disney go the idea for the Disney theme parks after watching his kids play in a dilapidated theme park. After observing them and other families he thought to himself how great to would be to have a family centered place to go to that didn’t have the underlying seedy establishments as well. Thus came the idea for Disney theme parks. There are plenty of million dollar ideas out there, you just have to see them.

The other part of this is watching the habits and moments of people. Wonder what brought the person to this particular place today or if they are with someone how that happened. Listen in on conversations. Sometimes you need to get out of the perspective of your own world and hear another’s to understand how some people tick.


Conversations can bring me to the strangest places. Especially when talking with customers. I will meet the kind of people you really would think only existed on television. Sometimes after such a conversation I would think “man they would make a great character” it’s true. I’ve also had many conversations that have led to great ideas. Also they are just great motivators to keep you moving.

Jot it down!

Cultivating ideas are a great way to motivate and to create new projects but you have to write them down when you get them! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself when I’ve had an idea that was great and then I lost it. Of course there are those times when ideas come and you’re not in a good place to jot them down like the shower or driving. In these instances I try to expand on the idea and keep it running in my head until I can then write it down.

What are some ways that you keep your creative flow moving?