How to Have a “Me Year”


First question is… What is a “Me Year”? This is what it is as stated in my About page:

It is when you say enough is enough. When you decide that for once your dreams are going to scream louder than your bills. When you stop making excuses and start doing. When instead of letting things hold you back you use them to push you forward. When failures happen because you tried not because you gave up. When you decide that the sacrifice it’s going to take is worth what you want. And when you realize that dreams come true not because you wished them true but because you made them happen. That is a Me Year. It’s not about being selfish or saying it’s all about me. It’s about saying that TODAY and EVERYDAY this year I am going to the necessary steps to make my dream come true, to have a better life, to give back not hold back, to be a better person, and to finish the year in VICTORY.

So how does one have a Me Year?

1. Set goals

Much like every New Year when you set resolutions, for a Me Year you need to set goals. This can range from tasks you want to complete, things you want to learn, places you want to visit, and achievements you want to pursue.

For instance here are some things on my list:

  • Buy a guitar and learn to play it.
  • Go on vacation twice!
  • Produce a film
  • Finish writing Two scripts
  • Exercise four times per week.
  • Blog five times per week

These goals are slightly vague but you can make them as detailed as you would like. For instance instead of “Buy a guitar and learn to play it” I can specifically write what kind of guitar and what kinds of songs I want to learn. It doesn’t have to be that specific, just as long as you know what they are.

Be sure to keep your goals in a prominent place so that you remind yourself what it is you are trying to achieve. Make sure it is a place that you always see like a bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or desk.

2. Create a plan of action

This is super important. It’s one thing to write down goals it is another to understand how you can execute them. For instance for my plan to write a script I would break it down into what I am writing and how often.

A plan of action also includes deadlines. When do you want this project to be done? How long will you spend on it each day or each week? If you fall behind how will you make it up?

When you set a deadline you are making a conscious decision to get it done. It also helps to make small deadlines as well. Such as I will finish three pages each day until I reach my goal but my deadline will be May 20th.

3. Act

Now that you have set your goals and your deadlines of when you want to achieve it now you have to act on it. Like they say,”no better time than the present”. You’ve done all that planning now it’s time to take action. All you have to do is start.

4. Stay Diligent

It’s easy to get off track and find other things of interest and not have the time. In all honesty the things we have time for are the things we make time for. If you never make time for your goals then they will never get done.

There are times of course where life happens and we have set back and things don’t work out as we have planned. That’s okay. Just stay diligent and continue to work towards your goal as best as you can, little by little and before you know it, you’ve achieved your goal.

What are you make part of your “Me Year”?


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