Video: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are


What does our body language say about us? Is it really true that you can fake it till you make it? This video, Amy Cuddy, explorers what our body language means not to others, but ourselves. How does our body language shape how we feel and can we change our body to change how we feel. Take a look, this ended up being a really informative video.

Video: The case for collaborative consumption


In conjunction with this weeks book review on What’s Mine is Yours here is the Ted Talk given by the author of the book, Rachel Botsman. What is presented here is the case study of what the book contains and how she came to write about it. Take a look, it’s pretty interesting and make sure you get the book.

A Conference Call in Real Life


If you ever had a to do a conference call then this video is for you. This video captures what it is like perfectly minus the person with the screaming kids in the background or the person who isn’t even paying attention and is doing something else. Take a look and you’ll laugh because this is certainly true.