Late Nights and Nothingness


Ever feel like doing just absolutely nothing. I mean you still do the bare minimum to get you through the day (work, appointments, and the like) but besides that you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Sure you feel like you should be doing something and of course there are plenty of somethings for you to be doing but for some reason you just can’t give enough cares in the world to actually do these things.

These are the moments where you find yourself going to bed late and staying in bed all morning, spending countless hours in front of the TV or your computer screen with only a faint recollection of what you are looking at and small constant voice in the way back of our head telling you its dying a slow death, or telling yourself at work that this time you will be productive when you get home only to have your commute home suck out all motivation you so perilously mounted up.

I feel this comes on in the middle of the year when you look back on what you have done so far and you subsequently give up. You think “well wasted already half of the year so why not waste the rest of it”. After all that would be the easy thing to do. It’s so easy to just continue they way you always have, it’s what you’ve been doing so why not keep doing it?

Time to turn the tide. It that you know glass half full situation. You still have half a full glass. So take some time to recuperate, meditate, and get back in it because you still have half a year left to go.