Costumes Corsets and Conventions


I may have a slight obsession with buying costumes and corsets even if I don’t have many places to wear them. Matter of fact I have so many I have a closet devoted to them. Did I mention I just bought three corsets, a Victorian blouse, and a renaissance chemise?

Yeah I may have a problem.

My other obsession: conventions. You know like comic book, anime, sci fi, and the like. I go partly because I’m a nerd and partly because where else can I wear all my costumes and not have people look at me weird. I used to go to about five conventions a year.

Side tip/confession: if you volunteer or get on staff for a convention you can get a free pass, free food, access to exclusive panels and guests and even a free hotel stay with all of the benefits of a regular convention goer. Of course you have to work shifts but pick an area that interests you and it can be a lot of fun.

These days though I haven’t gone to many conventions but having just gone to the renaissance festival yesterday I think I think I’ll start making them more of a thing again. Next up Halloween, super excited.