Light Summer Reading?


So I may have over done it with how many books I have checked out. Not only do I have a plethora of books in my tablet but I also have a plethora of physical books. See I discovered this thing called “Overdrive” where you can check out digital book from a library as long as you have a library card. You can check out as many as ten at a time. Guess how many I have checked out?

Now to be fair it wasn’t like I planned for this. Actually I had put a good amount of books on hold, you know when your like number 24 out of 50, and it just so happens that ALL of them came up at once. Now I have to hurry up and read them before they all expire and then have to go on the holds list again just to read them.

Ahh the trials of a poor bibliophile… so many books so little time.

Are You Reading?


Did you know we rank number 22 for countries who read the most? That means there are 21 other countries that read more often then we do. We are a first world country with access to more books, magazines, and periodicals then you could imagine, yet we are on average only reading five and a half hours per week.

Reading is essential for critical thinking and critical thinking is essential for solving problems. Reading also increases your language skills and keeps your mind sharp.

If you aren’t reading more than the average person then you need to start.

For instance I always have one book I am reading for knowledge and the other I am reading for pleasure. Between these two I probably read about 20 hours per week. Not saying you have to read that much but if you do at least an hour per day you have already beaten the average.

So pick up a book or a magazine or what have you, just find something and read it. And don’t say there isn’t anything you find interesting, there is reading material that covers every subject in the world.

Start reading!