Dazed and Thankful


It’s that time of year where we start to remember just how good we got it, get into the merry holiday spirit, and shop till we drop. I know I may sometimes┬áhave the perspective of seeing what I don’t have as opposed to what I do but it is always good to stop and remind myself just how good I have it.

I got to spend another awesome Thanksgiving with my family and my extended family which is always a blast filled with good food, a buffet table of desserts, and of course the usual tradition, a rousing competitive game of Taboo. Yes, we are serious about that game and if you play with us you better bring your best stuff or be prepared to hear the trash talking.

Now you’re probably wondering where the dazed part comes into play and that’s because… Black Friday, of course. No I wasn’t one of those crazies out shopping right after diner. No, I was one of those crazy retail workers. I worked 9pm-9am. Yep a good ole 12hr shift. By the time I was done I was so tired I was awake. Of course then I went shopping at Barnes and Noble because well… I’m crazy, also they had good deals, and you don’t, you know, always make the best decisions when you’ve been awake for 24hrs and counting.

So to all my fellow retail workers of Black Friday I salute you and hope you eventually got some sleep and to everyone one else I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome and you found some things to truly be thankful for.

The Company You Keep


I remember when I was in the eighth grade and I was miserable a lot. I constantly had issues with self-esteem and my worth. It wasn’t until a certain incident of “he said, she said” that I realized it was due to the friends that I had at school. I suddenly took stock of who exactly they were to me and decided whatever we had wasn’t enough so we stopped being friends. I found new friends and things got a lot better.

I can look back and see all the ways I was influenced by the friends I have made again and again but that was the first time I remember taking a stand realizing that was not the kind of influences I wanted to have.

Where we are and were we are going are indicative of the people we keep around us.

I am grateful to the friends I have around me today to push me and grow with me. I am grateful to the mentors who have come along the way. And I am especially grateful for knowing when to move apart from someone, even if they have good intentions.

As you seek to grow be careful of those you keep around you and the things they speak into your life. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you, teach you, and push you to grow. Know that as you move up you can’t always bring everyone with you and that that’s okay.

Listen to your inner voice. You know when someone isn’t good for you or when things look good but don’t quite match up. Even when you can’t ignore interactions with the person, like a family member, acknowledge them, be polite, and keep it short. People will come in and out of your life all the time but when they leave what will the leave with you?

Beware the company you keep aren’t trying to keep you back.