Lesson of the story is…


Sometimes, when taking advice,¬†we don’t take things one step at a time. Instead we jump right in head first and then find ourselves in a different kind of trouble. Taking something from one extreme to the next is not an improvement. Change is best done at a steady pace. Remember: you didn’t become who you are in one day, so you shouldn’t try to become someone new in one day either. And no, the solution is not to sit on your couch for life ha ha.


Side note: This comic is always on point.

Costumes Corsets and Conventions


I may have a slight obsession with buying costumes and corsets even if I don’t have many places to wear them. Matter of fact I have so many I have a closet devoted to them. Did I mention I just bought three corsets, a Victorian blouse, and a renaissance chemise?

Yeah I may have a problem.

My other obsession: conventions. You know like comic book, anime, sci fi, and the like. I go partly because I’m a nerd and partly because where else can I wear all my costumes and not have people look at me weird. I used to go to about five conventions a year.

Side tip/confession: if you volunteer or get on staff for a convention you can get a free pass, free food, access to exclusive panels and guests and even a free hotel stay with all of the benefits of a regular convention goer. Of course you have to work shifts but pick an area that interests you and it can be a lot of fun.

These days though I haven’t gone to many conventions but having just gone to the renaissance festival yesterday I think I think I’ll start making them more of a thing again. Next up Halloween, super excited.

Friday Fun: Freelance Comics


Every week the studio blog by Envato publishes a comic strip called Freelance Freedom by N. C. Winters. It is a fantastic depiction of what it means to be a freelancer and what we go through. Here is one of my recent favorites. This is something I have experienced a lot as a filmmaker. Take a look and check out his other work as well.

freelance freedom