Timing is Key


In the fall of my senior year of college I had taken a course in entrepreneurial business. I was at this point in my life in which I decided I wanted to be a producer instead of a director and therefore needed to learn the business side of things.

From the description of the class we were going to learn how to start an online business and make money from it. I thought it would be cool so I signed up. What it turned out to be was a class on blogging.

You see at the time of the class the only sort of “blogging” I knew about was xanga, livejournal, and myspace. All sites where people just journaled their thoughts and feelings to the world. So right away I was worried about this assignment that would be the whole of my grade.

We were supposed, pick a niche, use blogger and create a website in which we continuously add content, and use google adwords to get money. Seems like a pretty neat class right? Well… at the time not so much. I couldn’t think of a single “niche” to create a website about. Matter of fact I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to put out for the world to see. AND on top of that we had to compete for the best site based on adword clicks and site visits?

So yeah I dropped the class in a hurry.

Fast forward to now where I’ve done a movie blog, a student debt one, and now this. Would that class be a great thing to have now? Yes!

The thing is, timing is key. Sometimes the things that annoy us in the past are the very same things that we embrace later. I mean how many of us hated vegetables as a kid but enjoy eating them now? How many of us hated when our parents would make us stay home or when there was nothing to do on a friday night but now we relish it? Or how about when you know someone (a friend of a friend) but it’s not till years later where suddenly you and that person really click and you wonder why you never clicked before? Timing.

Not everything falls in just like we think or hope it should because sometimes the timing just isn’t right yet.

Make Your Own Adventure


I am a person who loves to travel, experiencing new things, and try new food. I get excited when something new crosses my radar. Just a few days ago I tried purple squash in a spring roll with mango Habanero sauce. It was delicious.

Then, this past Saturday, I went with a friend to Red Bull Crashed Ice. It was awesome. We were out in the cold and muddy ground (mud in January? What?!?!?!) and drank hot cider as we watched the US go up against other countries.

Sometimes we place such significance on going somewhere big (like Florida or Mexico) when we can easily have an adventure of our own right where you are. I’m not saying you shouldn’t leave your state, because you most certainly should, but when you can’t get away for days at a time or need to save time you can find many things to do right where you are.

But what if you don’t have anyone to go with? No problem, go by yourself. This is another big thing for me. I am always waiting to find someone else to go with me in order to go somewhere. I’ve decided that I am going to let people know when I am going to events and if they want to join me they can and if they don’t I’m still going to go. So should you.

So far I have up the Red Bull Crashed Ice event and look forward to doing much more. And it was seriously awesome cheering on the US. There is something about standing in a crowd, on a cold day, sloshing up mud, and yet cheering loudly that just gives you a sense of camaraderie. Got any cool travels you are doing on our own? Let me know I always love seeing what people are up to!



Have you ever stopped doing something because you can no longer remember why you started doing it in the first place or the reason that you started no longer feels valid? That is how I have been feeling with this blog. I haven’t written in three weeks because I could no longer see the purpose behind it. The one I originally had has slowly faded away and now I wonder why I even started.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. Matter of fact this has happened each and every time I started writing a blog. I would start out with high hopes and a plan of action of what I am going to write and when I am going to write. The say the best way to plan a blog is to have a back log of posts already made so I would do that too.

But then after a while the back log posts would seem lame or not relevant to who I was at the moment and I would loose interest in my own writing until I would stop writing all together. Then I would take a break, sometimes a really long break, reassess and then come back with a whole different angle. One blog I changed the direction of so many times that I couldn’t even tell what it was about anymore.

Every time I stopped and every time I didn’t write I always felt like I was letting people down. I don’t know who though because I don’t even know how many people actually read this blog besides me. Either way I would pressure myself to write because of it and slowly feel the joy of writing starting to dwindle away.

I would write certain pieces and then think “man who is this narcissistic know it all”. Or I would read another piece and think “I wonder if people can actually tell that i don’t really care about this topic and am just posting it for the sake of posting something”. On and on and on.

Heres the thing, I started out doing this for me and ended up doing it for an invisible somebody else who pressured me with deadlines and more relevant topics and the need to be entertaining but meaningful, and some how I got lost in the process. But you know what, this is nothing new.

We start things and get lost in the process of doing them until we get so fed up we throw our hands up in the air and just say “screw it, I’m done!” But we aren’t done, because we don’t really want to be, we just want things to go back to how it was in the beginning before it got so complicated for no reason.

They say you need to go back in order to go forward. Sometimes this is true. Going back doesn’t really mean to start start from scratch, it just means you need to reassess how you got to where you are now so you know where to go in the future.

So I am reassessing this blog and many other things in my life and then I am going forward.

Good Intentions


Ever go to bed the night before thinking of all the things you’re going to get done tomorrow and how productive you will be and then when tomorrow gets here you suddenly don’t have the stamina you though you would and your productivity is left wanting? This is like my everyday off. All I want to do is sleep, read, watch tv, or bike. None of which includes writing, selling my scripts, or building my website.

See that comic up top? That is like my everyday when it comes to writing. Sometimes I think that maybe if I were to change my surrounding environment that would help but I’ve worked from home, the library, coffee shops, restaurants, and the like. I think maybe I should cut myself off from social media and the internet completely but distractions come in other forms like cleaning my bathroom, or suddenly needing to clear that pile of papers on my desk, or discovering I am out of milk and therefore having to go to the store.

Good intentions are great but they are just that, intentions. Unless there is a purpose or actions behind them they are meaningless. I need to get back on track so that my intentions become actions and that I don’t just wish I will be productive tomorrow but know that I had been productive today.