Today’s Ride: Existential Thoughts


Currently training for a touring event (marathon of biking) in which I will be doing a 15k. It’s been interesting so far. It’s just me, the wind, and nature. I never listen to music when I bike, mostly because then I can’t hear what is around me and I cross some busy intersections. Also I just like the peacefulness about it. Although no ride is the same and I seem to have existential moments as I’m riding so here is what happened with today’s ride:

1. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that peach prior to leaving. Granted I did it because it had been sometime since I’d eaten breakfast but now I might throw up. Great. Just hold it in.

2. Every time I come around the corner I look for deer. Is that weird?

3. If I had a nickel for every time a grasshopper jumped at me or a bug hit me in the face…

4. Was this hill always this hard?!?!?!?!

5. Why do so many other bikers still past me when I feel like I’m going so fast?

6. Nothing like breathing hard and biking when you pass down wind a field of manure. Never have I wanted to breathe and not breathe at the same time so badly.

7. I really should learn how to switch gears and also possibly get a new bike.

8. Did I mention I’m riding a 15-year-old crappy sears bike that keep having to adjust the seat on as it keeps turning. Did I mention it’s pissing me off?!

9. AND now I’ve been whistled at by a stranger from the dark cresses of his white pickup truck…. lovely.

10. Water bottle is covered in dirt. I would wipe it off with my clothes but I’m covered in bug spray. Last time I did that my lips when alarmingly numb. Hmmm what to do? I guess I’m eating dirt. I hope I don’t end up on one of those weird medical shows…

11. Up the hill. Down the hill. Up the hill. Down the hill. Why are there so many hills?

12. I am sooo hungry.

13. Yeah train! I wonder what time this train runs, maybe I can take it sometime? I wonder what it’s like to sit in the upper part? I bet it’s really cool.

14. Was that a deer? My heart might have just stopped.

15. I just got past by a little girl… I just… whatever.

16. Sir if you could not mean mug me while walking your little dog that would be great.

17. OMG is someone frying donuts?

Thirteen miles and finally home.

18. Stairs are hard.

Friday Fun: A Bike Ride


Today for my moment of zen and my weekly fun I went on a long seven mile bike ride. No headphones, just me and the sound of nature. It is one of my favorite things to do. It was a beautiful day outside and even though my tire was a little wonky (discovered it had a flat) I still pressed on and enjoyed every minute of it.

Hopefully you are getting a chance to get outside and enjoy the great weather. Take a break. Take in some fresh air and let it clear you senses.


Keep Going


Today I decided to ride my bike to the library as a way to get some exercise and get some needed work done. On the way there I realized two things:

1. It was super cold and I probably should have worn more layers and gloves. I couldn’t feel my hands any longer.
2. Even though I had biked to the library before, this was the hardest ride I EVER had. The wind was incredibly strong.

So naturally I wanted to give up halfway there. My hands felt as if they would fall off, my lungs burned from exertion, and I was going so slow I thought I would never make it. I came really really close to calling it quits.

But I didn’t.

The thing was… I was already halfway there. To stop where I was and turn around would mean I would be going the same distance except instead of getting to my destination, I would end up right back where I started.

So I kept going. I made it to the library, albeit much later than I wanted to, but I ended up being able to put two hours of great work in at the library and I got my exercise.

So many times we want to give up when we are halfway there. We get so far out, realize this task is really really hard, then give up and turn back around.

Don’t turn back around!

You are so close and there is a reward waiting on the other side. Even if you fail at least you are at a new destination instead of right back where you were before.