Hunger and Thirst


How bad do you want it? How much do you crave it until there is nothing else on your mind? How bad can you taste it that nothing else will satisfy you? How bad do you want to achieve your dreams?

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they seek”.

Have you ever had a craving, for a certain food, that was so bad that nothing else could satisfy it? Every once in a while I crave french fries, and not just any fries but the ones from McDonald’s piping hot. I don’t really eat fast food that often, sometimes once a month, sometimes not even that. However there are moments when I just crave those fries and nothing else will do. So I stop and buy some and then all is right with the world.

That is how it should be with your dreams and the goals you want to achieve. You can try to put something else in its place or try to become comfortable with what you have yet no matter how hard you try that insatiable hunger and thirst can’t be dissuade.

Use it to drive you, push you, move you forward into the place you want to be. Dream and drive goes hand in hand. In order to have your dream you must have the drive to get you there. You will not eat unless you are hungry and you will not thirst unless you are thirsty.

You have your dream. You can go after it. But how bad do you want it?

Currently Reading: The Crowdfunding Bible


I’m sure as Entrepreneurs we have all heard of crowdfunding and how you can use that to create capital for starting projects, launching initiatives, or even funding a vacation. But because you know of it doesn’t mean you know how to do it and do it successfully.

As a person who is currently looking into crowdfunding as an option for financing a film I started to research how it is done and came across this book in my search.

The Crowdfunding Bible: How to Raise Money for any Startup, Video Game, or Project

by Scott Steinberg

In this book it covers topics such as:

  • What is crowdfunding
  • Who should consider it
  • And how to get your crowdfunding project off the ground

Great pieces in this book includes the list of crowdfunding sites, examples of successful campaigns, ideas for your own campaign. The big thing about creating your campaign, and the thing that will help you the most, is research.

The book suggests that you look at other campaigns that have been launched and assess what they have done from their video, to prizes, their goal, and how they are marketing their campaign.

It also breaks down each crowdfunding site and their fees and requirements for payouts when it comes to reaching your goal.

Please note that this isn’t a step by step outline of what you can personally do for your campaign but more of a general outline of the steps needed to take but it does offer a great amount of information for anyone who is looking to get started.

As of today you can purchase the book in Amazon for the kindle app for free. However it’s not apparent how long that will last as the book usually cost $13.99 and the digital list price is $2.99.