Something Good?


Have you ever had a moment where something “good” happens to you but you don’t know how to feel about it? It’s like all your emotional receptors have been turned off. Everyone around you is telling you how great that thing is and how excited you should be about it and when you don’t respond with the appropriate social responses people wonder what is wrong with you.

It’s not that you are ungrateful or don’t have gratitude about it, it’s simply that you don’t know how to feel. In retrospect it’s mostly because this is a “good” thing but it’s not exactly what you had wanted and honestly just confuses you because you don’t know how this fits in the big picture.

This is where I am at. While grateful I am so confused as to how this fits into the greater part of the plan in my life. That’s the thing about life, you can plan as much as want but things can come out of nowhere and just throw you off and now you have to restructure.

But that’s ok. It’s ok to not always understand this “good” thing. It’s okay if it confuses you. Take it in stride regardless and through the midst of confusion things will clear and so will your path

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