Let it Go


No this isn’t going be a post on Frozen and building snowmen… although that wouldn’t be so bad. This week started out kind of rough for me, especially considering I’m on day 6 of 7 days in the row for work. The thing is something happened on Sunday that got me really down. It was totally my fault but that just annoyed me even further.

It’s amazing how we can just be going about our day when BAM something throws it off kilter and suddenly it’s gone from a good to a bad day. Try as you might, you want to just let it go and move past it yet every time you think you do you something reminds you and you’re back to the depressing/icky feeling again.

People will tell you to let it go. People in church say “Let go and Let God”. It’s not always that easy. We crave control in our lives. I always want to be in control in some way or form and it drives me nuts when I’m not. Two days later it is still hard.

Letting go requires a conscious decision to say that whatever is hurting, annoying, or depressing you isn’t going to do so anymore. I am making that conscious decision to let it go because things change and this too shall pass.


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