Change in Restlessness


Restlessness, it’s that feeling you get when your daily routine starts to eat at you and become bored and can’t seem to sit still or perform your usual tasks. It starts with something little a feeling you can’t push down but then it begins to build and build until you can’t take it anymore and have to do something drastic just to make the feeling stop.

That’s when people suddenly get a new wardrobe, a new hair cut, quit a job, or take on a new crazy hobby. We all deal with this in some way. It is our sudden need for change, for something outside of your usual ordinary. It is a mental signal that our life has somehow become stagnant and we need a release or we will scream from this feeling of insanity.

It’s weird how these feelings happen. Sometimes it’s because a big change is coming and we need to release the tension of the anticipation of that event. And sometimes it’s because no change is coming and hasn’t come for quite some time and you feel so still that it’s as if you aren’t even moving.

Towards the end of last year I felt this. Things were too stagnant I couldn’t take how mundane my day in and day out had become. I was continuing to build up this tension with no form of release and to top it off I was working constantly and seriously worn out. So what did I do? I cut and colored my hair and booked a flight to Florida for eight days. Did this solve it? Not really.

I had made a change but the restlessness continues to eat at me. My change wasn’t drastic enough.

As Entrepreneurs and Creatives we constantly seek change in our pursuit of success and creative output. When we allow our lives to become stagnant and with out growth or change we start to lose it. Sometimes slowly, sometimes really fast. And we don’t always notice it.

But what I have learned from every time this has happened is that something big is on the horizon. Something fantastic. Something I have been craving for, striving for in all this time. And every time it blows me away.

So if you have this feeling of restlessness, of tension, and anticipation of something you can’t see then take heart. Something big is coming and it’s going to be amazing.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

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