The Difference between Being Busy and Being Productive


Being busy is nice. It gives us a sense of purpose and makes us feel as if we are doing something meaningful with our lives, but being busy isn’t the same thing as being productive.

For instance, last fall I took on two short films, blogging for two film festivals, finishing two scripts, and a seasonal supervision position at work that upped my hours to 40-60 per week. To say that I was a little overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I had a constant headache throughout the film festivals due to seeing so many movies in a row. I was supposed to take point on the second short film was unable to. The scripts never made it that far. I had worked so many hours between my job and everything else that on my days off all I wanted to do was sleep.

All of this got me so wound up that in February I said enough and left for Florida for eight days of sunshine and mind clearing. Super busy but not that productive.

Lesson learned.

We have to find the right balance between busy and productive. Knowing which projects to take on and how many is essential not only for giving our best but for our well-being.

So when ever you start to feel overwhelmed or things being to suffer and you are falling behind, stop and ask just how productive you are and change things. By the way it’s okay to say no. Saying it isn’t a bad thing because if you can’t give your all then don’t. As they say “less is more”.

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