Don’t Compare: You vs Everyone else


As humans we have this constant habit of comparing ourselves to others. We do it when it comes to things, happiness, looks, careers, and what have you. Sometimes we do it without even realizing that it’s happening. And we don’t just compare ourselves but each other. There have been many times that I’ve done this without even realizing and had been surprised. I most often do this when it comes to the career tracks that I have taken in comparison to others.

I see where my friends are in their financial success and often wonder why I can’t do the same thing. Sure I could get a “real” job and work for years under corporate management, making a salary, and climbing the ladder; but that was never what I wanted. So here I am on the other side of it trying to make it as an Entrepreneur, never really committing to a job because I know that is not where I want to end up forever.

Sometimes I think man why didn’t I just pick an easier route?

Because yes, it is much easier to follow a path that has already been made then to carve your own. Not saying the other one doesn’t come with tribulations but it’s different. Do I wish I was were they are financially? Yes. Definitely yes. But do I want to do what they had done to get there? No. What I want is something of a different type of success and that’s why I’ve learned (and keep telling myself) that I can’t compare where I am at to someone else.

So don’t look at your friend who has the successful job while you have the struggling business. And don’t give up because you think the other road is easier because it may not be. Stay on the path that you have taken, you never know just how far you are from the break through.

Poem above is by Robert Frost

One thought on “Don’t Compare: You vs Everyone else

  1. It’s a great thing when you realized what it is that makes you compare yourself to other people, it’s the first step to becoming the type of person you want to be. Self-awareness is a hard step to make!

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