Keeping a Journal to Stay on Track


A good way to keep yourself focused and on track is to keep a journal. To do lists and goal sheets are great starts but a journal will allow you to look at what you’ve done for the day and actually assess just how much progress you’ve made.

I have been keeping a journal since the beginning of the year and it has really helped me define the things that I’ve really worked on and pointed out the times in which I really didn’t do as much as I could have.

Here is how I break my journal usage down:


1. The Date

Just as is says. Main purpose is of course so when you go back and look at your entries you know when you wrote it.

2. Events

This is where I write down different things that happen through out the day which usually break down this way:

  • Exciting things that may have happened
  • Recap of things that I was supposed to accomplish
  • What I actually accomplished
  • Unexpected issues (such as a plugin shutting down when building my site or having to wait in the doctor’s office due to being sick)
  • Insights (Had a break through in my script writing or came up with an awesome idea)
3. Tasks for Tomorrow

I usually leave the space at the bottom to figure out the things I need to do tomorrow to improve on what I did today or the actions I need to change in order to be more diligent.

How often should you write in your journal?

As often as you like. I usually make it a daily thing where every night before I go to bed I write in it.

The format of your journal can be anything you like. I keep mine in a good old thick notebook where the cover is decorated and I use multicolored gel pens just for fun. You can also use a computer and there are various apps that are available to use as a journal. What you choose to use is up to you. Just as long as you keep it up.

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