Where has the time gone?


Yep that’s right. It is officially the middle of March. Spring is literally right around the corner. NEXT month it will be April so it stands to ask: how are you coming on your goals for this year? That’s weird, why do I suddenly hear crickets?

Speaking of crickets listen to this:

No wait, don’t! Focus. Ok so it’s been two and a half months since the start of the year. This is about the time that gyms start to thin out, blogs start to die off, dreams are tossed aside, and sitting on the couch with pint of ice cream or a bag of chips flipping through channels looks promising.

Life is hard, we are tired, and sometimes I just want to eat some Doritos.

But seriously this is the moment of truth. Are you going to break and give in or push hard through the lull?

It’s the things we do today that determine where we are tomorrow.

Everything we’ve done the past two and a half months are what got us here. Everything we do today is just as important as next week and the week after.

Don’t make a decision to stop today and think you will start again tomorrow, because you may not. And don’t make a decision not to start today because you think you will start tomorrow, because if you didn’t start today, what makes tomorrow different?

Today is already here. Do something about it RIGHT NOW and tomorrow will already look better.


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